Peter is really amazing and you can see he is very passionate about what he does. We are so grateful for his help and can't believe the change we have seen in our dogs as well as ourselves. Thank you so much.

Melissa Blair

Adopting a 2 year dog, whos background we knew very little about, Peter set out to work towards the dog easily adapting to her new lifestyle and surroundings. No problems expressed by the dog, or the handler were too much for Peter to accommodate.

 Mark Tipping/Nadine du Plooy 

 Peter's program is informative and very easy to understand and makes so much sense. We now understand our dogs better and are well on the way to long, carefree walks together.

Andrea Soll

Peter is an excellent behaviourist and has an incredible passion for his work. He treats his doggy students as his own and I wouldn’t have wanted any other trainer for my puppy. Thoroughly enjoying seeing the progress that my dog has made since being trained by Peter.

Nikaila Naidoo

Peter is a great person and was so easy to understand. Bentley and I have definitely benefitted from Peter's guidance and information that he taught me. The bond with my dog is just getting stronger by the day and I really enjoy being able to work with Bentley and have fun at the same time. The reason I got in touch with Peter is because Bentley is a large and very powerful Great Dane and walking with him on the lead was virtually impossible. I still have work to do, but Bentley is so much more engaging with me and listens to my commands. Bentley's recalls are so much better now too. He actually enjoys the training sessions so much, as do I. I have no hesitation what so ever to recommend Peter to teach the dog owner and the dog how to behave and how to handle stressful situations. I cannot believe the change in Bentley's behaviour after such a short time. It takes work and commitment, but it is so worth it in the end. Thank you Peter for helping Bentley and mostly me :-)

Wendy van Eyssen

We would like to thank Peter Eleftheriou from Understanding Dog, for his commitment in assisting us with the introduction of Zeus a 18month old male pittbull to our princess a 5 year old female pittbull. I must admit I was petrified 🙈 but had to do this, had to do my best in offering Zeus a home. I found Peter to be extremely patient and professional. He is definitely your go to guy. He is extremely knowledgeable with the power breeds, especially the pittbull. Peter comes highly recommended 🐾

Lesley Smith

Working with Peter and our crazy dog has just been nothing short of fantastic. He is extremely knowledgeable, and gives practical guidance for proper training techniques for long term solutions and not just a quick fix. Any future training requirements - we will certainly be contacting Peter again. Thank you so much

Kirsten Hornsveld-Blair

I had 4 dogs and 1 Peanut. A tiny, aggressive Dachshund. Thanks to Peter we now have 5 dogs.

Tanya van Niekerk

Thank you Peter! your knowledge of "Understanding our Dogs" was a real eye opener. It was the perfect, tell, show, try and do format that made sense. your explanations and reasoning behind each action was easy to follow. we managed to see immediate results, and the long term results we realize will take time and practice but it's worth it. Happy pooches, happy life.

Richard & Odette Farrow

Excellent understanding of our needs and the dog’s needs. Peter is empathetic and shows compassion and an amazing knowledge of canine behaviour.

George Callipolitis

Peter is exceptional at what he does. He is an absolute professional. Peter gives good instruction, recommendations, and clarity during sessions. We (Redd and I) are working and refining our skills to have an even better bond so that we both can enjoy life together and have some fun putting into practice what Peter has taught me. Would highly recommend Peter to others who may have dogs who display anxious behaviours.

Helen Le Roux

Peter is very knowledgeable & patient.

Tamara Bollo

Thank you Peter for teaching us how to handle our rescue dog so much better, since working with you our dog (and her owners) have made an immense amount of progress and we're all better for working with you. Thank you for your patience and guidance - your training for focus has bettered our household

Melissa Golden

Peter really does have the dog's best interest at heart, he is extremely knowledgeable and I really enjoyed his approach.

Kirsten Gunningham

 Juniper and I had great lessons with Peter, and the encouragement and advice Peter gave helped keep me motivated to work through some of the tougher learning moments - I learnt a lot more about myself as a dog owner and handler than I expected and this was an extra bonus for me! Thanks Peter, we look forward to continuing working with you. 

Carmen douglas Kilfoil

Thank you for the great advice and patients with me and lola :)

Talita Roux

Peter is a true professional! Not to mention his love for dogs .Just in the short time he was with my boys ,he was able to get them calm,in control and focused.My boys really enjoyed him( or maybe it was his snacks..hehe).Thank you!

Natalie Newell

I am so grateful for the time and effort Peter put into training my 2 dogs. I have 2 English Bulldog, and the improvement in just 4 weeks is visible. The advise, along with the training practical he offers is amazing, and that makes it easier to continue to train our dogs post program. Very professional, fun and rewarding program.

Alexia Ioannou

We are truly grateful to Peter for helping us understand and work through the challenges with Jackson. We have seen a remarkable improvement since starting the training sessions (with Jackson and us) and we are better able to cope when issues arise. Thank you Peter for your patience and (awesome) skills and knowledge! We would 100% recommend Understanding Dog to anyone who needs guidance with their doggos

Cheryl and Chad van der Westhuizen

Peter is a dedicated trainer who is committed to his work and has great knowledge of dogs and their behavior. I would definitely recommend Peter. The whole family including my kids learn’t so much from him.

Angela Manikas

Peter's training meant the world to our family. We were in an impossible situation and reaching the point where we needed to choose between our kids and our dogs. But through Peter's understanding of dogs behaviour and his training programme we now have a peaceful and loving home again. I will forever be grateful.

Stephanie and George Bence

Peter takes the time to understand our needs and what we were looking for in the training. After the 1st session our dogs were comfortable with him. All Peter's lessons were informative and constructive. Lessons are also easy to practice with our dogs. We would highly recommend Peter

Natalie and Wayne Dickson

Exceptional knowledge and care for dogs. Best trainer I have worked with

Trent Alexander

Peter is knowledgeable on all dog breeds. He is very patient and willing to adjust his programmes to suit your specific training needs. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Peter and learned a lot from him! Great experience!

Nicole Karpodinis

Peter really knows what he is doing and it has helped us so much. Surely will work with him again in the future.

Shaun Strydom

Peter is Excellent on human guidance & Excellent in explanations into the dogs mind to help the human help the dog! 

Kim Bester

Peter has given us hope, without his help things would have been so much different and not in a good way. Peter has trained my husband and me to better understand our 9 month old Pitbull Terrier. He gave us the correct tools to help our lively pup be the best that she can be and also help us be the best fur parents that we can be. We love working with Peter.

Alicia Coetzee

Peter is amazing with training you as well as your dogs. He definitely is the dog whisperer.

Jessica Visser

Happy :) 

Sarah Scholl

Peter is an amazing trainer and his knowledge about dogs and their behavior is brilliant. He has really helped us when we were struggling and felt like things wouldn’t improve. He teaches you to deal with most situations and gives you the confidence to practice and implement new skills.

Annien Wium